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Important Website Overhaul: New Forums, Unified UX

Discussion in 'News' started by Qwahchees, May 18, 2017.

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    May 18, 2017
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    Hey Adventurers!

    Everything has been going as planned for us, and as finals and the warm weather rolls in, so are the waves of Tidal! We hope everyone is doing well, and we wanted to update everybody on the what's been going on behind the scenes!

    As you have noticed, the website has gotten a total revamp. We felt this was necessary for a couple of reasons:
    • To streamline to way information is driven from us, to you
    • To have better control of the design language we want to follow, where everything will look uniform and clean
    • To provide better forum software to encourage community involvement
    In addition to this, we have moved all data from the previous forum to this forum. If you have a forum account prior, you can continue to login with the same credentials here.

    As the website is new, we expect some hiccups here and there and feedback would be great! In addition to the website revamp, we're also looking to upgrade some of our graphics like the logo, store banners and a beautifully hand-drawn backdrop.

    We have encountered some early issues:
    • Some threads may have incorrect users attached to the posts
    • User post counts
    • Mobile Navigation
    • Avatars and signatures have been reset
    • Slow performance (as of writing, we're planning on moving hosts)
    • Passwords are invalid from the conversion. You will need to reset passwords once resets work.

    We'll continue updating everyone via the website! More information on PROJECT TIDAL will be available soon, but we have a couple stretch goals:
    • Launch the Release Campaign, Early Supporters' Shop & Complete the Website
    • Complete planned features for release: Moon's Fragment, Professions, Auction Houses and more!
    More information regarding these updates will be available soon.

    For more involvement with the community, be sure to follow us at @PROJECT_TIDAL and visit our Discord!

    Thanks, and we'll see you soon!
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