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Repost Thanks to all the beta testers!

Discussion in 'News' started by Qwahchees, May 18, 2017.

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    May 18, 2017
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    Note: This is a repost. Due to forum migration issues, this has been re-written.

    Thank you to all the Beta Testers who came out to the Closed Beta 2 Weekend! With your help, we have been able to fix many bugs, adjust gameplay mechanics and make the necessary balancing for the future!

    So you may ask, what's next?

    The Roadmap

    The PROJECT TIDAL Team is now compiling data and implementing new features, content and polishing up existing content. We anticipate to be able to release the server for an open-beta state sometime during the summer.

    Some new additions you may see are:
    • New Professions: Harvester, Fisherman & Miner
    • The Auction House/Player Shops: A great way to sell your goods!
    • Moon's Fragment: The new daring continent of the North. Get ready for Lv. 45+ Monsters and a brand new dungeon!
    • New Crafting System: Gone are the recipes, in comes the NPC and a more diverse, streamlined crafting curve.
    • Guild Castles, Better PVP: For those who are ready for some real bloodshed, stay tuned for the new Guild Castles and improved PVP! We anticipate tournaments, ranking and more!
    • The Official Texture Pack: Here come the cool weapons, armors, improved user interface and items! All modelled in 3D!

    Beta Rewards

    As for the rewards for beta testing, after release, we will keep redemptions for beta rewards open for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, you want to login and grab your stuff!

    Beta Rewards are:
    • 500 Honor Points (Paid Currency for the in-game store!)
    • Llama-la-Rella: The afk mount!
    • BETA Tags on Forums & In-Game
    • An entry into our raffle for an exclusive beta reward!

    Once again, thank you for coming out. We hope to see you on the Isles soon!
    - The PROJECT TIDAL Team

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