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The Team

9 awesome staff members

    Project Administrator & Map Developer

    Map Developer for PROJECT TIDAL, I'm excited to tell you that adventure and discovery awaits you in a map crafted with care and passion.

    Every section of it was analyzed to make sure you get the best experience on our server. I look forward to your presence on the mysterious land of PROJECT TIDAL!

    Project Administrator & Lead Developer

    Founder of the PROJECT TIDAL: ISLES project, I've been working with Minecraft for 5+ years. I look after the game design, development and deployment of the server and administrative work for the team.

    I've been interested in creating games since I was a child, and now I get to live that dream. I hope you enjoy our work now and to come!


    Game Moderator

    I am a Game Moderator for PROJECT TIDAL. I am here to help grow the community as well as answering questions and helping those in the community.

    I plan to do my best to help the community thrive and grow. The hard work and effort put forth by all the staff members has proved that PROJECT TIDAL is on the right path, and I am very excited to see the future that it has!

    UX & 3D Model Developer

    Currently working on the official PROJECT TIDAL: ISLES texture pack, modelling future skins and creating amazing art.

    No, I don't produce signatures.

    Game Moderator

    Heyo I'm BakfietsRijder, but you guys can call me bak for short. I am one of the game-moderators so I will mostly be found in-game playing the game and helping everyone with questions out.

    I live in Europe so if you live in America you probably won't see me as often. I will also be active on the forums as much as possible to answer as many questions as possible. I hope all of you have a great time on the server!

    Game Moderator

    Hiya, my name is LordWeenieHutJr but you can call me Weenie if ya want.

    I help moderate and assist the community for PROJECT TIDAL. I do it because I like meeting new people and getting others involved with new things. I hope to see you playing and enjoy the game!

May 18, 2017
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